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Type Location Dates Class Car Price Request performed
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
(2 days)
03/29/2017 03:00 - 03/31/2017 10:00 Economy Ford Fiesta $64.72 / day 12 hour(s) and 51 minute(s) ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
(14 days)
04/26/2017 10:00 - 05/09/2017 10:00 Economy Ford Fiesta $31.73 / day 1 day(s) and 9 hour(s) ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
(4 days)
03/27/2017 10:00 - 04/03/2017 10:00 Economy Kia Rio $52.64 / day 2 day(s) and 0 hour(s) ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
(3 days)
05/08/2017 17:00 - 05/11/2017 17:00 Economy Kia Rio $47.81 / day 4 day(s) and 6 hour(s) ago
Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
(4 days)
03/24/2017 10:00 - 03/28/2017 10:00 Economy Hyundai Accent $68.49 / day 7 day(s) and 1 hour(s) ago

Do you have a special occasion coming up such as a wedding, graduation or prom? Wouldn’t you like to get there and from it in style? If so, then consider the luxury car rentals Los Angeles from Los Angeles car rental agency . A luxury car rental will give you both space and comfort. In fact, the North American Luxury vehicle can fit up to five adults and six travel bags/suitcases. A European Luxury or the Luxury Elite can carry up to five adults with five bags.  And, it does all this… with style!

What Kinds Of Vehicles Fall In The Los Angeles Luxury Class Car Category

  • Cadillac DTS. The Cadillac DTS is a luxury vehicle that gives drivers nine miles per gallon of gas on the highway and 14 miles per gallon in the city. The DTS replaced the Deville in 2006 and in 2006 became the largest luxury car. The Cadillac DTS has 275 horsepower and 295 pounds of torque with a four speed automatic transmission and forward drive.
  • Lexus LS 4.6 V8. Toyota produced the Lexus LS 4.6 V8 in 1989 with J.D. Power and Associates listing its top features being quality interior and body and design of accessories and features. This vehicle has had little problems associated with it. The Lexus LS 4.6 V8 has four to five doors, an unknown drive and it unknown fuel/power with AC.
  • Lincoln Towncar. The Lincoln Town car has 4.6 V8 engine, with automatic transmission and four doors. It’s gives drivers 24 miles per gallon on the highway and 16 miles per gallon in the city.

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